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With a history that begins in 1892, Uniroyal has been moving America ahead for over 125 years. Founded in Naugatuck, Connecticut, the United States Rubber Company began as a consolidation of nine separate rubber manufacturing companies, and was one of the original 12 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The United States Rubber Company became Uniroyal, Inc. in 1961, and it was under the Uniroyal brand the company introduced its iconic tire line, the Tiger Paw. Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires earned their reputation on the wheels of the era’s favored muscle cars, and were installed as original equipment on the legendary Pontiac GTO.

Today, Tire Rack offers the Uniroyal Tiger Paw line of performance and touring all-season and winter tires for passenger cars and small crossovers.

The Uniroyal, Inc. brand is owned by Michelin.

Uniroyal - Tiger Paw Ice & Snow 3


Tiger Paw Ice & Snow 3, the affordable winter tire, providing enhanced dependability in all winter conditions - ice, snow and wet.

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From 83.00 $ +tx each one

From 332.00 $ +tx package of 4

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Uniroyal - TIGER PAW AS65

Summer – 4 seasons

Ce pneu tourisme toutes saisons est durable et conçu pour offrir un bon kilométrage et une adhérence fiable. 

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